Brenda Cannell

ConstituencyDouglas East

General Details

StatusSitting Member
Previous political experienceRepresented Douglas East since 1996. Douglas Town Councillor for Derby Ward 1992 to 1995. Former Press Officer for IOM Friends of the Earth and Tynwald watch dog.
Independent candidate Yes
Political AffiliationFormer Alliance for Progressive Government ( APG ) which was discontinued when Edgar Quine, Dr Edgar Mann, Dominic Delaney and Adrian Duggan retired.


Address Details

Home Address9 Victoria Terrace, Douglas
Personal Election WebsiteConstituents can make contact with me on facebook.
Contact Numbers
  • Home620410  
  • Work651513  
  • Mobile456952  
  • Fax620410  

Personal Details

MarriedYes happily for 28 years.
ChildrenTwo sons ages 24 and 25 years old.
Date of Birth02/07/1952
Place of BirthCrosby, Lancashire
Hobbies and InterestsOrganic gardening, crime thriller novels and travel.

Political Questions

Why this candidate wishes to be a member of the House of KeysTo continue to represent my constituents to the best of my abilities with openness and honesty. To continue to provide them with a strong voice in the House of Keys and Tynwald Court.
How well does the candidate think that the present administration has handled challenges of the past five years?There has been a lack of leadership and direction and a general weakness in representing the Island’s people in the United Kingdom and abroad. A prime example was the fiasco over the Reciprocal Health Agreement whereby the present Council of Ministers accepted too readily the ending of this and switched focus to encouraging people to take out private medical insurance. People power together with a hand full of MHK’s and supportive MP’s fought to secure the Agreement now and into the future. Presently our security is again under threat over the VAT Agreement with the United Kingdom. We have had a reactive Government as opposed to a pro- active Government.
If the candidate were elected, what would their priorities be at a constituency levelTo continue to be available and approachable to all my constituents.
If the candidate were elected, what would their priorities be at a national levelTo safeguard front line services in Health and Education. To defend the Island’s position in an otherwise hostile competitive global economy.
What does the candidates view as the main political and social issues facing the Isle of Man in the next 5 yearsSafeguarding public services particularly to the sick, the frail and the elderly. Maintaining good health and education to all of our people. Maintaining full employment and economic opportunities to enable the Island to grow and become more self - sufficient.
How would the candidate deal with the challenges/issues over the next five years - as stated in the Main Social Issues question. Establishing priorities in terms of the delivery of public services to those most in need. Providing the right employment opportunities to encourage our students to return to the Island after University. Making the most of local talent by harnessing those professionals who choose to reside here. Being bold and brave in seeking to secure good working relations within Europe and beyond.
What does the candidate feel has changed for the better, for Isle of Man residents, in the past five years - giving examplesCare in the community for the elderly who wish to continue to live in their homes has improved in terms of the back up services provided by social services. The introduction of kerb side collection of waste for recycling. Improved morale in the Police Force and recruitment of young new officers. These are just a few small examples.
What does the candidate feel has changed for the worse for Isle of Man residents, in the past 5 years - give examplesHigher energy costs, rising inflation, freezing of public sector pay, public sector redundancies, which are likely to place a greater burden on the benefit system. Static pension payments. Higher living costs generally. A weak and lack lustre Government and growing public mistrust in the present Government.
Does the candidate feel that the Isle of man has been too reliant upon the financial services industryYes.
If The candidate feels there is too much Financial Services reliance, how does the candidate feel that they would further diversify the Manx economyThe Tourism industry needs a fresh look and new policies developed which encourages all year round events rather than just focus on seasonal tourism initiatives. Consideration of music festivals, beer festivals and green holidays are just some ideas for a renewed tourism industry. Luxury get away holidays in the form of residential spa-centres for rejuvenation of body and soul have proved popular and successful in other jurisdictions. Tourism was the main stay of the Island for decades, we must acknowledge this and not let it continue to decline. The establishment of a shipping register and space industry are all very welcome but it is “sustainability” which is key to our future success.
Is the candidate in favour of independence from the United Kingdom

We need contingencies in place to secure the Islands future with plans to set and collect our own valued added tax. This will require putting our own infrastructure in place which could take up to three years to put together, the sooner we begin this exercise the better as the existing agreement with the United Kingdom may no longer be in the best interests for our Island. 

Is the candidate in favour of -and if a standing member, did they vote for- a popularly elected Legislative Council?Yes


Is the candidate in favour of -and if a standing member, did they vote for- a popularly elected Chief MinisterYes


Is the candidate in favour of nationalisation of air and or sea services to and from the Isle of Man

This needs to be evaluated as the open skies and sea policy of the present Government does not always represent fair and reliable travel for passengers. 

Is the candidate in favour of onshore wind farms in the Isle of Man

I have always supported wind energy whether it is onshore or off shore. 

Is the candidate in favour of Means testing for "universal" benefits and social housing

We already have means testing for most benefits and social housing. 

Mandate Video



Candidate for Douglas East, Brenda Cannell, interviewed by Beth Espey on Perspective, on Thursday, July 28, 2011 To download the audio, save from this audio file link Candidate for Douglas East, Brenda Cannell, interviewed by John Moss on Mandate, on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 To download the audio, save from this audio file link

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